Those who radiate calm and stability,
create calm and focus in the team.
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Off site experience and development space for leaders
From 1:1 retreats to large group events, in-house or open

Only living by example can create the culture of change – and enables successful leadership in changing times.

Usually off site, e.g. in nature, and most definitely far removed from the usual mode of thinking, away from the comfort zone and into action and new terrains. From extreme sports to joint creative experiences. This living the change shows us our strengths as well as the typical fears and concerns that every change entails.

The latter are not a cause for alarm – we just have to recognize them, in ourselves and in the others.

Once we have consciously experienced all the stages of change, once we know how others react to change, then we can safely navigate through the storms of change with lucidity, awareness and our hearts.

Client voices

  • "The strategic and operational (non-) management of the global economic crises of the recent past has shown that traditional management methods are no longer sufficient. The 'experience space' has, actually opened up spaces for companies, management and employees, who in practice are going to require a much broader space in the future."

    Michael Dirkes, Managing Partner, German Mittelstandsfinanz Capital GmbH

  • "I loved the event. With Ulrich Ott you invited a real top speaker. Along with your presentation, a successful bridge was created between meditation, yoga, brain research and modern management."

    Eric Czotscher, Responsible Editor, Head of Studies / Market Research at F.A.Z.-Institute

  • "The essential elements harmoniously complemented each other: the subject matter, the speaker, the audience and the ambience ... it struck a successful chord, which lingered for a long time."

    Rene Borusiak, consultant and coach

  • "A really exciting event. But not just the leadership topics; the participants were very interesting too, really open and enthusiastic."

    Head of In-house Consulting of a DAX company

  • "I would like to thank you once again for the great event on the topic of leadership. It was all very important and was a lot of fun!"

    Managing Director of an IT company

  • "Thanks again for the very successful leadership day."

    European manager of a biotechnology company

  • "Leadership with Energy and Focus combines elements of leadership with nutritional science and spirituality, making it unique and cutting edge. The seminar is conceptually very strong, refreshing and interactively presented - and most importantly: immediately implementable with much greater energy efficiency!"

    Dr. U. Lange, Chief Operating Officer, FedEx Trade Networks

  • "Perceiving and consciously processing the body signals and mental mood, in order to harness one’s energy at the right time and to take measures against wasting energy.
    The course is making me sensitive to my own perception, helping me to deal more with stress in the daily workplace, and giving me ways to concentrate on the essentials and get rid of negative ballast."

    J. Ziemer-Rückert, Head of Division Airport Customers , operational services

  • "Leading with energy and focus: The seminar was great!"

    D.Schweinsberg, Head of Human Resources, operational services

  • "I can only recommend that everyone to use this seminar as an opportunity to "pause" and "reflect" about their own energy budget and to start afresh with the knowledge acquired."

    D. Schmidt, team leader at the Registered Association of Economics of Hesse

  • "A very nice seminar, which opened up a very personal and warm-hearted space. Mr. Schwalbach knew how to approach the subtleties of the individual participants and to make the seminar sessions lively and refreshing."

    G. Rennertz, Managing Director, 4plus5


Offsites for top management

Exclusive space: Experience, Reflect, strengthen

Space for experience and change – Nature, harmony and extremes – Reflection – Exchange among peers – Security and intimacy – Physical awareness, balance and new options – Mental and emotional management in everyday life – Training and implementation – Thought stimuli and profound experience – High-level reflection and -Integration – Being what I say, and saying what I am.


Offsites for teams or leaders

Co-creation and collective intelligence - live and on one ‘s own

Reflection, Nature, Movement – Strong in the I – Strong in the WE – Strong in the co-creation – Experience and creation of collective intelligence at work – The task of the facilitator – Brakes and catalysts of higher-level solutions – We are what miracles make – Empower yourself – Empower others – Accelerating to your purpose

New: Blended Learning

Offsite leadership in times of change

Lucidity and orientation in turbulent circumstances

The 12 personal leadership skills that are crucial in the digital age – think clearly – decide courageously – cooperate successfully – The bamboo principle: stability, flexibility and resilience – Performance with elegance – Presence – Intuition @ work – Finding relaxation in tension – the art of self management self-control by meditation and yoga – knowing and leading your self – creating strong relations – Conversations igniting change and innovation


Offsite leadership with power and focus

Full of health, strength and inspiration

Energy in balance – Dimensions of personal energy ¬ Functionality of the brain – The body-mind system and its interactions – Recognizing and using rhythm and energy in day-to-day leadership ¬- Energize the organization – The proven and effective techniques of yoga and meditation for managers – Implementation, even if the house is burning down