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We know, we love and are we able to do what we do.
We have experienced and live what we stand for.

That is what binds us together. The same principles apply to us as to the companies we are involved with: We are strong individuals cooperating and co-creating. Each with their antennae fine-tuned. Our culture facilitates strong, joint and challenging action with measurable results.

For our offsites, cultural exchange projects and the design of internal blended learning management development programs, we always put together the right team for you.
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The Core Team

Dr. Michael Schwalbach
Managing Partner LIFE Advisory GmbH
Dr. in Economics and Political Science, economist, yoga teacher, top management consultant and executive coach

"Achieving the strategic change objectives always goes hand in hand with an intelligent (and internal) conversion process. This activates development cycles, which continuously lead to a higher level of inspiration, energy and joy of life. This makes change fun."

  • Change Management Strategist and Coach since 2008: inspiring empowerment of organisations and executives to initiate and implement change processes
  • Top management strategist for growth and innovation strategies, post-merger integration, reorganization and cost reduction, offshoring, design of innovation processes
  • 20 years in strategic business consulting, most recently a member of the Leadership Team Strategy Advisory, Capgemini
  • Studied economics in Mainz, New York (Columbia University) and Rio de Janeiro. Alongside: production of animal films for ZDF

His special key is to use yogic techniques to tap into, to activate and effectively deploy the internal resources of the executives. And all this, of course, with the fine and tangible neurobiological connections, that is, brain-science-based leadership.

Thomas Eisenbarth
Close management partner and inspirational force for over 7 years
MBA, extreme- and endurance-sportsman, consultant and mental coach

"In extreme sport situations as well as in corporate change, new solutions are needed for both people and organizations. We can only create these together - if each individual knows how to perform at a high level without burning out."

  • Since 2007 Managing Director, Emissions House for Renewable Energy and Real Estate
  • 12 years of strategic business consulting, most recently vice president, Gemini Consulting
  • 5 years of various executive and management functions
  • Lecturer in International Business Consulting and Multi Media Marketing
  • Studied business management at the University of Mannheim (focus: organization, personnel, marketing and psychology)

His specialty is reorientation and revitalization of companies and teams, using a novel way to mix up the latest and well-known interdisciplinary methods with lateral thinking while throwing in anecdotes from sports and business. Out of the comfort zone, pure management of one’s own resources: Full potential even in the most difficult daily routine change.

A selection of our partners

Martina Gross
Senior Trainer and Yoga Teacher

The professional development of the graduate economist began in Robert Bosch’s training program. In 1994, she became self-employed as a trainer. Martina Gross focuses on conscious communication, resilience, time and stress management, as well as healthy management. Her clients benefit from Martin’s competencies as pedagogical psychotherapist, coach and yoga teacher.

For more than 10 years, she has also been adding her expertise as an executive coach, with group structures and the needs of middle management being her specialty. For example, she has been supporting the employee hotline of a medium-sized bank for several years with regard to conflicts in the occupational field, work organization and burn out.

“Our own inner attitude as the basis for conscious action requires regular attention and reflection. Peace begins inside and can expand from there to the outside. Thus I see in inner work a significant contribution to a peaceful and successful whole. ”

Axel Müllender
Senior Coach und Supervisor

Following his successful apprenticeship as a carpenter, Axel Müllender studied psychology and trained himself as a systems therapist. Mindful, creative and humorous, he accompanies managers in the development of their leadership personality as well as organizations in the conception and implementation of personnel development measures.

Since 2000 he has been a self-employed coach and a consultant and coach for managerial and personality development. He is a certified supervisor and senior coach at the BDP Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologen (Professional Association of German Psychologists) and has more than 25 years of experience in counseling centers, universities, large companies, SMEs and public administration. Axel Müllender designs and conducts leadership programs and further education coaching courses, including at the renowned business management institute of the ETH in Zurich.

“Change processes in companies take place not only on the structural and organizational level. They always require a transformation process in the people involved if the process is to be successful in the long term. Modern leadership binds people in such a way that they become part of the transformation and actively shape these processes.”

Dorothée Putzier
Senior Consultant and Mediator

Dorothée Putzier is a conceptually strong doer, as characterized by her rare mixture of analysis and pragmatism. And that is exactly what her customers appreciate about this business graduate. The senior consultant is a systemic management coach, an economic mediator and a lecturer in strategic management at the FOM University in Berlin.

She is knowledgeable about small start-ups as well as solid medium-sized and large companies, she has worked for 20 years in corporate consultations and senior positions in the field of classical and new media. Dorothée has been an independent consultant, coach and mediator since 2000.

“Every major change begins with the first small step in a new direction. And seeing and appreciating each small step gives the energy to keep going.”

Christoph Zohlen
Senior Consultant Transformational Change and Founder of Radius 1

Transformation is a central theme of Christoph Zohlen´s life and profession. Soon after starting his consulting career in 1996 he joined Gemini Consulting, the first global consulting player to design, practice and publish a holistic approach to Business Transformation.

Ever since, he has had the privilege to support business leaders with their individual and business transformation. In 1996 Christoph founded the high end consulting company Radius 1. He and his colleagues follow a transdisciplinary consulting approach, incorporating valuable insights from philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, sociology etc. and the arts.

“I love people and strongly believe that putting people first transforms oneself, inspires others and builds corporate success. We help leaders focus on mindfulness, compassion, humbleness and vulnerability… values and behaviors that some might find foreign at first, but make all the difference for transformation success.”